About the project

Every year, many rural areas in Europe are being desolated and forgotten. Many media networks confirm a depopulation risk in these areas. Lack of access to education, physical education, transports or jobs are the main reasons why people are going to big cities to continue their lives. The chances in big cities vs rural areas are quite evident. Analysis in many journals take a look at rural areas where youngsters mainly leave the studies, education and training before than youngsters from big cities. Poverty and social exclusion are increasing in these areas, which need to be recovered. Rural areas suffered a social and demographic impact by immigrants, making a good contribution in reducing depopulation. Nonetheless, rural areas are still in a minority and in disadvantaged groups.

One of the keys is the social inclusion among the youngsters in these communities, this new generation is coming and our future is in their hands. An aim for these guys is raising awareness of that situation, to be more visible and motivate for their close future. Second key and the main therapy for that is the sport, how sport can involve the people in a small community. Fair play and inclusion through the sport in rural areas. Sport can show that everybody has equal opportunities in a small area. Physical education is not only a physic activity, it goes further, it is a psychic activity, a learning to learn, it involves everybody and the results obtained are very remarkable.  


1. To develop different physical abilities in rural areas with particular focus in youngsters through sport activities in different sports (alternative sport, HIIT, team sports…) and through this increase physical common activities and motivation to do it. 

2. To encourage young people in sport and ensure that sport in rural areas has a really good opportunity for all those young people who want to start a new sport lifestyle. 

3. To do innovative approaches to use the sports field in small communities and to be able to train young people and involve them in it and to enhance talent, abilities and skills of next generations in rural areas. 

4. To create a sports calendar in small areas to raise their voices and attract people from other communities or cities. Managed by partners and focused on youngsters. 

5. To elaborate RASI manual for the identification of good practices in the rural area and sport field. Manual which will encompass the field work of each partner. 

6. To have our online platform to upload all this work, activities, meetings, posts, videos, photos, adverts with sport days, posters…Interactive way to keep in touch with everybody involved on this project.